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High Performance Building Air Sealing Tapes

We sell high performance building supplies, featuring Iceocell building air sealing tapes with pure acrylic adhesive.   Weather your building a passive house or just want to make your home airtight as possible Build it Zero can help you achieve your goals.  We don't just sell this stuff, we use it in real world challenging field conditions.  Our work is always directed by testing and we don't us things that don't help us hit our test targets.  These tapes are exceptional for new construction and retrofit air sealing projects. Not only do these tapes perform exceptionally well, the price per lineal foot is much lower than other comparable tapes.  Some applications we regularly Air Stop tape include:

  • Exterior Plywood and OSB sheeting seams
  • Window bucks
  • Drywall ceiling to top plate connections
  • HVAC boots to framing, drywall and floor
  • vapor barrier to concrete stem walls
  • soil gas barrier joints

Don't just take our word for it test it yourself!


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